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Rich and robust, this freshly brewed Hawaiian Kona Coffee Bean scent will have you buzzin' in the morning!  Also a good soap for the kitchen to help absorb food odors off of your skin.


Our loofah soaps make a great body scrub and foot scrub!


We use a pure vegetable glycerin soap base that is hypoallergenic and gentle even on sensitive skin, infused with natural coconut oil, and an embedded natural loofah sponge inside.


Our soaps moisturize, lather nicely, and will leave you feeling fresh and lightly fragrant.



Vegetable glycerin soap, coconut oil, skin safe colorants, premium quality fragrance oils, natural loofah. 


*Tips for Loofah Scrub Use:

Loofahs soften over time with soap and water, if too coarse at first – use on palms of hands and bottoms of feet for a few days until they soften up for all over body wash.

Kona Coffee Small Loofah Soap

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